7 le quesnoy place cambridge - wifi

Anzac Day 2014 - Le Quesnoy (59530-France)

Revivez les cérémonies de lAnzac Day du Dimanche .

WWI Gallipoli Re-Enactment Battle Armistice Weekend Cambridge, New Zealand 2013

Video of mock battle put on during the Armistice in Cambridge Weekend commemorating the anzac landings at Gallipoli in 1915.

Armistice day 2010 cambridge Re-enactment

Battle Of Sangro River in Italy WW2 Reenactment

This is a short video of the World War Two re-enactment scenario highlighting the New Zealand crossing of the Sangro River in Italy in 1944. The display shown...

WW1 ANZAC Landing at Gallipoli - Reenactment

This is a short video of the World War One re-enactment scenario highlighting the anzac landings at Gallipoli (Turkey) in April 1915. The display shown here...

Leaving for the front WW1 Re-enactment

100 Troops from the Wairarapa region departed overseas to fight in the war 100 years ago today. Leaving for the front was a re-enactment of what took place...

Re-enactment of WWI Battle of Beersheba

Re-enactment of wwi Battle of Beersheba: 95 years ago, the Ottoman-controlled city of Beersheba fell to troops from Britain, Australian and New Zealand, in a...

Quarnac Bourg CSI GP 6 ans barrage 06.06.10

Frappadingue 2015 - Bourg sur Gironde

Musique de burning sofa

London University Judo Competition 2011

London Area Judo.